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“Inhale the future. Exhale the past.” 

Yoga is not all about touching your toes!  It is a fantastic way to build awareness of your body and breath, and to learn how to find quiet and stillness in the mind, a self-care practice which I feel is needed these days more than ever.


My aim is to make yoga accessible to all, regardless of age, gender or physical limitations, and to share ways to bring your practice off the mat and into daily life.


The benefits of yoga are so much more than just improving flexibility, and I am always amazed by the range of positive effects that a regular practice can bring.  The physical benefits include building muscle and bone strength, improving posture, boosting circulation and protecting the body from injury.  Yoga can also improve your mood, your balance and your quality of sleep, and teach you how to quieten your mind chatter and focus more on the present moment.  




Yoga Classes 

I run private and group Hatha yoga classes in the Cambridge area, which are accessible to all ages and abilities, and help to build strength in the body and calm the mind.


9.30-10.30am on Fridays in school term-time, at Hinxton Village Hall, Hinxton, CB10 1QY


Private classes in your own home for up to 3 people at a time


Please get in touch to enquire about availability 


‘The best way to end a busy week for me is on a Friday morning doing Yoga with Zoë. I have benefited in so many ways and the breathing techniques have allowed me to gain more stamina whilst doing other gym activities. Zoë is both professional and knowledgeable in what she teaches and I would recommend for all ages/abilities to give it a try!’  AR

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