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Nutrition Testimonials

CC – Hormone balance

'I was really impressed with the thouroughness, effectiveness and personalisation of your advice from start to finish.  In addition I am delighted to say it was extremely effective!  Within two months of changing my diet and taking the supplements, my period pains went from being so chronic that painkillers had no effect, to just a minor discomfort.  My skin improved steadily over six months from teenage type acne to the stage where spots are now a rarity.  In addition, as promised, my cigarette cravings dramatically reduced and I gave up smoking within two months, which I know I previously would have found impossible.'


SD - Depression

'I feel so much better, it's literally like a black duvet has been lifted off me.  I am not getting sugar cravings any more and my energy is much better too.  Your advice was really easy to follow and fitted in with my lifestyle and food preferences.  I feel so much better now, it's incredible how such small changes have made such a massive difference!'


AB – Weight loss

'When you meet Zoë, it is quite clear that nutrition is her passion, not simply a job.  My goal was to lose weight and improve my general health and energy.  I lost weight within a few weeks of my first consultation, but not only that - I now have more energy, and I feel much happier too!' 


VB - Fertility

Having been trying for a baby for 8 months, we contacted Zoë for advice on how to optimise our fertility. Within three months of changing our diet and taking the supplements, I became pregnant, at which point we sought Zoë’s advice on my diet through the different trimesters to ensure that the pregnancy was a successful and healthy one. We went on to have a very healthy young boy who has gained weight well and who recovered very quickly from quite a complicated birth; I strongly believe that his and my good health are a direct result of following Zoë’s nutritional guidelines and I would definitely recommend her to anyone either trying for a baby or already pregnant.'



'I wanted to write to thank you for sorting my stomach problems out.  I have been feeling so much better since I came to see you.  I haven't had any problems with stomach pain or bloating.  It has made a huge difference to my life so thanks a lot.'  


Alison Murray, Director, Baby Room Nurseries Ltd

Zoë has provided us with much invaluable guidance and support in the development of our nursery menus. Zoë’s practical approach means that her ideas never seem too unrealistic or difficult for us to achieve. Zoë also provided training to our staff and worked with managers to raise awareness of nutrition issues throughout the company which led to a more informed debate internally. There is much conflicting and misleading information in the public domain about children’s nutrition and their general eating habits and it could be easy to be misled. It is therefore reassuring to know that we can always rely on Zoë’s sound, professional, practical advice when we are in need of it.'

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